Tearsheets 1

Following Frischi round the 3 Peaks CX.

The early to mid nineties were my peak mtb years. Puffing my way round the Sports cat in NEMBA races I was inspired by the greats of the time and Thomas Frischknecht was one of the best.

Cut to 2012 and it’s the 50th running of the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross race, I was born in the Yorkshire Dales so this is a race that is close to my heart. Frischknecht had entered and would be writing an article about his experience, a photographer was needed and Nick Craig very kindly recommended me.



I don’t buy into that “never meet your heroes” bull. At worse you come away disappointed that the person is a bit of a dick, at best you come away inspired (and with a warm fuzzy feeling because your hero kindly gave you a pair of gloves to wear as your hands were cold).


Frischknecht finished in 30th place.